Pricing Automation

Pricing strategies depend on seasonal demand, aging inventory, and excess supply.  Solus Optimus can help online retailers retrieve competitor pricing to build an effective strategy.

Data Migration

Many companies have realized the benefit of cloud-based database solutions.  Even small businesses realize the cost benefits over managing in-house servers.  Whether you're looking to grow or looking for something reliable, Solus Optimus can help you make the transition.

Data Optimization

Demands for data storage changes frequently.  Your company can quicly outgrow a storage system implimented only a year ago. Customer purchases, inventory, and financial bookkeeping are always growing.  Effective indexing strategies ensure your web site operates seamlessly.

Legacy Application Support

Does your company have an offline application written in decades old Visual Basic or Access?  Modifying these applications can be a challenge when the authors of the application are no longer around.  Solus Optimus can help you add the new features or move the application online.  

About Us

The journey here and into the future

I completed my electrical engineering degree at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1997.  I tinkered with the 10Mb office network while at my first job drafting power and network layouts for architectural firms.  In 2000 I swtiched jobs to pursue my desire to work with IT infrastructure.  I was hired as a test engineer at Interactive Intelligence.  That was where I grew my passion for developing and optimizing algorithms.  I was given a team lead role where I managed a product making $20m in annual sales.  In 2008 I left Interactive Intelligence for ChaCha, Inc where I wrote the R7 search engine in java.  In November 2008 I moved to SC to be closer to my family.  I met a couple who needed to streamline the process of setting prices for their inventory.  I also reconnected with colleages from Ga  Tech who needed software writen for their clients.  After seeing demand for custom software services, I established Solus Optimus.



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